Sunday, 17 May 2009

First batch to go!!

Shipping locally would be 6.50AUD (standard shipping)-FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU PURCHASE ABOVE AUD20. Internationally 11AUD flat rate-(price valid for most countries -USA, UK, Malaysia, Spore, Philipphines) via Airmail shipping (3-10days but usually faster) SHIPPING ONLY AUD5 IF PURCHASE ABOVE AUD20. If you live abit further up or down please ask for shipping :) Insurance can be arranged at extra cost.


So I decided to make a new blog for selling my stuff that needs a new home. Im super hard when it comes to parting with my accessories T-T but the house needs the we're moving soon (hopefully)

Please note all accessories that I sell here are brand new and never been used. Eventhough they all have been in boxes for 3years but the condition is still as good as when I first purchased them. I take pride in the way I care for my accessories, I always keep each pair separately in individual plastic/case. and store them in plastic box/container.

Visit my ebay page too for my 2nd hand stuff that are still in good condition :)

Ok, here goes batch #1

This bracelet is made in korea (the packaging said), Length from clasp to end 25cm
B-1, AUD2.50

B-2 AUD2.50, length approx 27cm

This cutie baby is handmade(I was crazy abt anything handmade at one stage), bought it from my friend who were very good at making beads-bag, the measurement 17x11cm (body), body to handle abt 9cm
Bag-1, AUD 7.50

Hulla! Summer is sooo coming..lolz...alot of beading handworks on this bag, very pretty..

measured 28x29cm (body)

the other side of the bags, also alot of beading works

the inside :)
Bag-2, AUD20

Belt, AUD 7.50

E1, lenght 4cm (excl fish hook) AUD3

I have a bad habit of buying more than one of the same kind that I like because I always thought, "AH, I'll get a few to give as a surprise to her or her..or her.." but then more often than not, I forget abt the plan -_-"

here's 3sets (I've taken one pair) of sterling silver ear stud style, length 7cm
E2, AUD3.50 a pair OR All 3 pairs for AUD8

E3, length 4.5cm (excl fishhook) AUD2.5

I got multiple pairs and multiple colours of this model, I gave some away but apparently still have some left. it looks really nice when you wear it :))


E4,length 3.5cm AUD2.50

E5 (red), AUD2.50

E6 (black), AUD2.50

E7, 3.5cm, AUD 2.50

E8, stud style, length 3.3cm, AUD3.50[SOLD]

E9, length 4.5cm, AUD 2.50[SOLD]

Im pretty sure I still have another colour of this pair...but couldnt find where...maybe it's in one of the un-opened boxes ^^"

E10, Crystal beads,sterling silver, length 3cm AUD 5[SOLD]

E11, length 3cm, AUD 3.50[SOLD]

These are all for the first batch. I can see batch #2 coming as I just pulled out another box full of beaded bags ^^". please email me for question or more pics. Any reasonable offer will be considered! and I would be more than thankful if you could pass this sale on to your fellow bloggers (as I dont have much traffic yet T-T). thanks so much for looking!!

ps. international shipping is flat rate no matter how many items you buy (up to 20kg) if you want alternatives shipping (registered or such) please let me know.tha...


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  2. those are cute stuffs! goodluck on your sale hun.

    ~hubby doesn't want me to post his pics. hehe..


  3. nice stuff girl.. :) especially the bags.. i like the summer bag so much.. it look so pretty.. can i have that one?? haha lol. i know its impossible.. anyway.. goodluck to you~ muah! :)

  4. wow you are beautiful and sexy visit to my house